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We are committed to empowering modern people to improve their financial wellbeing and resilience by providing access to a diversified investment portfolio comprising high quality, income-producing assets.

Drawing on a solid track record and a strong network, we aim to deliver lasting value through an attractive dividend and capital appreciation over time, always holding fast to our commitment to transparency.

We envision a company that is constantly evolving and growing, with and for its investors and shareholders.

our main goal –

Real Estate Investing

Real estate has traditionally been one of the most sought-after asset classes for professional investors offering consistent income streams, a hedge against future inflation, diversification and a risk-adjusted return. On a path to achieving these goals, our real estate investment strategy is designed to deliver a mixed, yet well-balanced portfolio involving house flipping, property development and golden visa programmes.


At Wealth Avenue, we have developed a unique approach to income investing that is built on the below four complementary elements, ensuring a balance of security and return potential.
A portfolio focused on the best performing investment areas in modern history, powered by high quality, resilient assets across Europe.
A team with a long and successful experience across a multitude of fields.
An established network of collaborative partners, institutional organisations, accredited investors, and reputable vendors.
A listing status that offers enhanced visibility, transparency and liquidity.

Potential Future Plans

Η Wealth Avenue PLC κατέθεσε αίτηση εισαγωγής στη Ν.Ε.Α. αγορά του Χρηματιστηρίου Αξιών Κύπρου
Η Wealth Avenue PLC κατέθεσε αίτηση εισαγωγής στη Ν.Ε.Α. αγορά του Χρηματιστηρίου Αξιών Κύπρου

Η Wealth Avenue PLC κατέθεσε επίσημα αίτηση εισαγωγής στη Ν.Ε.Α. Αγορά του Χρηματιστηρίου Αξιών Κύπρου και σκοπεύει στην εισαγωγή των μετοχών της στο ταμπλό της αγοράς.
Η Ελληνικών συμφερόντων εταιρεία αποτελείται από αρχιτέκτονες, μηχανικούς και ανθρώπους των επενδύσεων με επιχειρηματικό και επενδυτικό background και στοχεύει στην αξιοποίηση της 40χρονης εμπειρίας τους στις επενδύσεις με κύριο πυλώνα το Real Estate και με ολοκληρωμένα έως τώρα πάνω από 350 έργα οικιστικής και εμπορικής χρήσεως επιφάνειας 76.000 τ.μ.